The Business of Emotions

For most of my salaried life, I worked with engineers.  They were smart.  Usually precise (sloppy engineers don’t last long) and prided themselves on being analytical and data-driven.  Emotions were irrelevant, distracting, with no place in their no-nonsense world.  This attitude always made me a little uneasy.  I had the feeling that emotions were part […]

The Company Brand

When we think of brands, we reflexively think of Coca-Cola, Microsoft, BMW.  But all businesses, even small ones, have brands.  That is, they have reputations with their customers, their employees,  their suppliers, and the community in which they operate.  But sometimes owners are not specifically aware of what they are.  Or they don’t intentionally communicate […]

Data and Running a Small Business

Most small businesses don’t have very good reporting systems.  Other than observation, which works as long as what’s going on is observable, there are no operational reports that tell the owner what’s happening in the business.  It’s not surprising.  After all collecting and compiling data into a report takes time and, usually, from employees who […]

Running the Business by the Numbers

What are the gross margins of your business?  How many sales does it take for those gross marginal dollars to cover your other expenses?  On average, how many days does it take for you to convert accounts receivable to cash?  And what would affect would shortening that time have on your cash flow?  Do you […]

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