Austin Pryor, Managing Director, The ForeSight Consulants

John Harmon, PhD, is An outstanding  consultant with a firm small enough to provide,  personal, face to face delivery of both great expertise AND project implementation.  You will never get this from any other small to medium size firm and NEVER from the “big boys.” his target clients are small companies with sales from about $1,000,000 to $50,000,000. I’ve never heard of a consulting firm that delivers this kind of service to companies of this size.

Doug DePhillips, President Chroma Building Corporation.

“I am happy to reccomend John as a business consultant.  We started working with John to better understand how our business operates.  We transitioned from a typical contracting business model to a multi-faceted building services provider.  With John’s input we were able to better understand the earnings model of a service provider’s business.
John is easy to work with and very patient.  He brings to the table a resource that quite frankly, more start-ups should invest in if they want to gain for the long run.”

Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert


Matt Baier, CEO Baier Organizing

“John is an outstanding consultant.  He’s a great listener and brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his solutions.  He is quick to praise the progress I have made with my business, but doesn’t hold back on telling me the tough things I need to hear.  That’s really important and moreover he doesn’t leave me out in the cold as to how to take on these tough challenges.  He provides step by step advise.  My business has grown by 65% since working with John.  I would recommend him without hesitation.”

Top qualities:   Great Results,  Expert, Good Value


Matthew Perry, Managing Director State Street Bank

“After 29 years at JPMorgan and prior to State Street, a friend and I started a small business. We asked John Harmon for help and he was invaluable to us both as a source of great information, but more importantly as a sounding board for various paths we were thinking of following. He has the savvy, the style and the experience to ask the right questions, come up with the appropriate analysis, and provide the wise guidance for a small business to grow. John is best described as a consultant with a thoughtful, non-formulaic approach to his clients. We felt very fortunate to have John as both a guide and as a friend. John sincerely wanted to see us succeed and his questions and answers were always offered in a spirit of support. Our company is more focused and on a better strategic path because we worked with John.”

Top qualities:  Great Results,  High Integrity,   Creative


Michael O’Malley, Chair, SCORE Fairfield County Chapter

“John has been a counselor for our Score chapter for nearly two years. In a very brief time John distinguished himself as a very insightful counselor, that built long term relationships with his clients , and gained his client’s confidence in a very short time. John is one of our best counselors. John has been given additional responsibilities as a Counselor Specialist, working with our clients that are already in business. Part of that responsibility is to assess these client’s businesses in a very detailed way. John has excelled in doing this very demanding task and now does all of our client’s businesses assessments. John is also our Education Chair, and personally oversees and leads our newest and most important educational program called Quick Growth, designed for clients who have been in business for several years and have revenues in excess of $1 million. John crafted the program and oversaw its roll out. It serves as a model for all SCORE chapters. I personally hold John in the highest esteem as a person, counselor, and colleague.”

Rebecca S.  Small Business Owner and Operator of the Cool Word Club, an online language service
When I signed up for business counseling from Adulant Consulting Services, I had no idea that I would be working with someone of the caliber of John Harmon. He has deep business know-how in everything from financials to marketing and is able to communicate that in straightforward language that anyone can understand. The start-up business that I was initially pursuing had real problems with its basic business model. Fortunately, John was able to identify an aspect of my idea that was worth building upon, and he helped me shift the focus so that I now have the opportunity to develop a truly profitable and meaningful business. Throughout this process, John has consistently shown a remarkable ability to listen intently and then zero in quickly on the issues that really matter. Along the way, his insights have helped me avoid missteps that would have no doubt cost me countless hours (and dollars) to correct. I feel incredibly lucky to have met John Harmon and to have benefited from his experience, integrity and strategic-thinking.

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