Consulting Services

Adulant Consulting Services utilizes several tools to approaching the problems and deploying the solutions.

  • Business Assessment

Adulant will examine the entire business, beginning with an examination of the goals and objectives of the business, its use of business planning tools, its customers, its sales and marketing, its people management, and its finances.  Adulant will provide a written review of the business including recommendations for a path forward.

  • Business Forecasting

Based on the objectives of the client, Adulant will provide pro forma financial statements on what future business will look like, including detailed sales, operational structure, and investment requirements.  The forecast will include assumptions underlying the numbers that can be adjusted as the client learns what works and what doesn’t.

  • Business and Marketing Plans

With the forecast as a guide, Adulant can help the client construct detailed business and marketing plans that will document the business objectives, the key performance metrics, and the detailed activities that will enable the client to reach the desired growth objectives.

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