The Morphing Business Model

Business owners start businesses based on the most rationale of reasons: they know the business from previous experience; they have a unique idea that will have market appeal; they have families who’ve been in the business  for years.  But then things change, not always but enough to bear watching.  For example,  clients of mine entered […]

World Class Restaurants and Cost Management

This is what I know.  Running  a restaurant is a tough business.   About 60% of them fail within the first 3 years.  Profits are hard-won.  They are highly vulnerable to changes in ownership or chefs.  And customers can choose to eat at many other restaurants, an option that they exercise unpredictably. This is what I […]

The Trusted Employee

My father owned an appliance and furniture store.  It was a small business – in the early 80’s it grossed over a million dollars in revenues.  The business benefited from  the economic boom that followed the end of World War II and it rode that sound wave for over 30 years.  He was very proud of […]

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