If small business owners want to grow, they face a chicken and egg problem.  To grow, they must spend their time doing new things and if so, what?    If they spend time on these new things, what happens to the current business?   What does this mean for the employees and for the financial stability of the business?

The answers are never simple.

And it’s usually because owners ask the wrong questions.

Adulant Consulting Services can provide structure to analyzing the root cause of a small business’s growth problems and a path forward to solving them.

  • Not by offering some cookie cutter solution but
  • By asking thoughtful, probing questions, applying analytical insights to the answers, and
  • Working with clients to formulate a customized approach to identifying and implementing solutions.

It is rare that the solutions don’t require the active involvement of employees.  And where appropriate,  Adulant can conduct workshops that provide employees with the knowledge and tools to help formulate and implement answers to the right questions.

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